2020: Not ALL Bad

On this episode, Maria and Meghan look back at the past year of Magic design and talk about the highs, the lows, the low-lows, and the highest-highs. From Throne of Eldraine (yep, that was just a year ago!) to Jumpstart, this high-fiving dynamic duo discusses big-time mistakes like Oko and Companion and big-time successes like the number of people playing Magic, unique new mechanics, and sets with a lighter theme. Guided by a new article from the head of Magic Design, Mark Rosewater, you’ll love reminiscing about the year in MTG that was. What were some of your favorite design moments of the past year? Some of your biggest complaints? Listen and join in on the discussion, okay? We want to hear from you! PLUS: Meghan cracks another waterlogged pack…this time, it’s Eternal Masters. Hoo boy.

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Mark Rosewater’s 2020 State of Design