242: Enter the Arena

On this episode, Maria and Meghan give their first impressions of that new digital Magic hotness: Arena. What do they think of the new platform? What could be improved? What rocks their socks off? ALSO: Meghan Top 8’s *another* PPTQ (she’s got those things on lock) with her Modern Promise Titan deck, Iconic Masters looks like a treat-and-a-half to draft, and epic Ixalan preview cards keep on comin’! SPECIAL BONUS: Find out what mascots Maria and Meghan had in college. FUN FACTS!

Editor’s Note: We had some technical issues in this week’s episode (and we still don’t know WHY they happened) so a bit of Meghan’s Modern PPTQ talk is cut off at the beginning. Don’t fret! We had her record a new intro for the piece. Unfortunately, this means no video of this week’s episode as well. We’ll be back in full force next week!

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